Minutes for the Second Board Meeting of the ESCS

12 July 2000, 19.30-22.30, Imperial College in London


Present: Kim Andersen, Mike Davies, Gyóra Dormin (meeting organiser), Arpád Furka, Ferenc Darvas, Hubert Gstach, Günther Jung, Rob Liskamp, Mark Bradley, Paolo Rovero (sup), Dolors Fernández, Libuse Jaroskora (sup), Enrique Pérez-Paya, Gudrun Walter (Wiley-VCH)

Elected members were:

Country Academic Industry



Prof. C. Oliver Kappe

Karl-Franzen Univ. Graz

Dr. Hubert Gstach




Prof. Johan Van der Eycken

University of Gent

Dr. Lieven Meerpoel

Janssen Pharmaceutica




Prof. Morten Meldal

Carlsberg Laboratory

Dr. Kim Andersen

Lundbeck A/S

Finland* (Prof. Ari M.P. Koskinen)  
France* (Prof. Jean Martinez) (André Tartar)


Prof. Günther Jung

Univ. Tübingen

Dr. Lutz Veber


Holland* Prof. Rob Liskamp ?  


Prof. Arpad Furka

Eötvös University

Dr. Ferenc Darvas




Prof. Anna M. Papini

Univ. degli Studi di Firenze

Dr. Antonello Pessi

IRBM-Merck, Pomezia



Prof. Enrique Perez-Paya

Univ. Valencia

Dr. Dolors Fernandez

Almirall Prodesfarma




  Dr. Andreas Marzinzik





Prof. Mark Bradley

Soton University

Mike Davis,

Argonaut Technologies


*: not yet elected

Referee: Kim Andersen


1. Welcome to the elected Board members (Morten Meldal)

2. Comments to Statutes of the 1999 meeting

It was emphasised that it is important to finalise and approve the statutes fast. Morten Meldal distributes the statutes to all board members as fast as possible. The last chance for comments and corrections is July 21 by E-mail. The Statutes will be hereafter be signed by at least 7 board members as fast as possible and the Society will be officially established.

Comments to the Statutes:

It was decided that a number of at least five members are required for a country to have a vote on the board.

It was emphasised that there is no dependency of national societies in relation to ESCS and this should be incorporated in the statutes.


3. The elections and new countries

Finland, France and Holland have not finalised election yet mainly due to too few members.

Switzerland has not elected academic member. It was suggested to contact researchers at ETH.

It was decided that the vote procedure should be initiated 8 weeks and not 5 weeks before the ESCS board meeting and the candidates should be announced 6 weeks and not 4 weeks before the ESCS board meeting

It was suggested that members of the board should approach researchers from countries not represented in ESCS. Countries in focus are: Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia and Sweden

Representatives from new countries will be associated members of the board within the next four-year period when local election is finalised.


4. Members of the society

The number of members in France, UK and Germany does not reflect the activities with combinatorial sciences in these countries. Recruitment of members in these countries awaits official establishment of ESCS.

A number of activities were suggested:


Identification of candidates by the national board members

Email attached ESCS Newsletter with contact information

Encouragement to forward Newsletter to interested colleges

Society meeting stands

Advertisement in the new Society Journal


Ready access to application forms via email (and homepage)

Electronic registration should be accepted

The registrations should be submitted to the secretary as well as to the national representatives


5. The tasks of board members

The following list was discussed:

To promote and service the ESCS at the national level

To maintain an updated national membership database

To maintain an updated Email list of national members

To add the chairman of the society to each national Email list

To Forward messages from the executive board when addressed to all members

To respond ASAP to requests from the executive board

To organise elections every 4 years of one academic and one industrial board member and forward the results to the executive board

To recruit new members from the field of combinatorial sciences

To raise the necessary funding from the local industry

To promote the idea of the ESCS in the European Community

To control the ESCS board.


In general, the tasks were agreed upon, but it was essential for some members of the board to distinguish between "tasks" and "responsibilities". Morten Meldal, has made a revised list.

6. The Society journal: Combinatorial Molecular Science (Wiley-VCH GMBH)

The Journal will be published in a print and internet version. Start 2001, 6 issues per year (4 the first year). The main competitor is considered to be J. Comb Chem.

Mark Bradley is appointed Editor in chief and Günther Jung is appointed Editor for combinatorial synthesis of small molecules and analytical techniques. The advisory board is expected to include members from both European and non European countries. The board members should suggest advisory board invites from combichem laboratories worldwide to Gudrun Walter (GWalter@wiley-vch.de)

News from the society could be included in the Journal.

Advertisement with aims and scope for the Journal and with call for papers will be initiated in the autumn.


7. The ESCS-meeting: ICCS in Hungary (Dormán)

Four distinguished lectures + invited speaker has already been contacted. The program is very promising. Specific companies will sponsor different seminars and there will be possibilities for general sponsors. The budget for the conference is 150,000 $.

There was a dispute about the share of possible loss and revenue between the local conference organisers and ESCS. This issue has to be resolved. It was agreed that the ESCS should generally receive around 30 $/ participant from the profit of the ESCS meetings, provided such a profit would result. The next meeting in Hungary 2001 was an exception since the local committee currently takes the financial risk of the arrangement and it was agreed that an equal share of any profits between ESCS and the Hungarian society should be established by negotiations. ESCS will on the other hand support any deficit with funding available on a basis of up to equal share with the organisers.

Link: www.eurocombi.com


8. The Society homepage (Bradley)

The home page www.combichem.org will very soon be established, including online registration, login area for board members and ordinary members.

All board members should submit GPD pictures of them self and 6 lines CV to be included on the page.

It was pointed out that the name of the society is European Society of Combinatorial Sciences and not European Society for Combinatorial Sciences


9. Election of Executive board


The following board was ellected

Chairman: M. Meldal

Secretary: F. Darvas

Treasurer: H. Gstach

EU-Contact: R. Liskamp

Webmaster: M. Bradley

10. Membership fee

A fee of 30 $ was decided with commence 2001.