Minutes of ESCS Board Meeting

2nd July 2003
Bella Center, Copenhagen


Rob Liskamp (RL), Oliver Kappe (OK), Jorg Rademann (JR; Substitute for Gunther Jung), Thomas Høeg-Jensen (THJ; Replacement for Kim Andersen), Ferenc Darvas (FD), Mark Bradley (MB), Gyorgy Dorman (GD), Anna-Maria Papini (AP), Fernando Albericio (FA), Takashi Takahashi (TT; Guest from JCCF), Lieven Meerpol (LM), Hubert Gstach (HG), Morten Meldal (MM), Jean-Alain Ferentz (JF; Substitute for Jean Martinez), Chaim Gilom (CG), Gary Gellerman (GG), Andreas Marzinik (AM), Lars Baltzar (LM), finland guy (XX) and Phaedria M. St.Hilaire (PMS; recorder for meeting).

MM read minutes of last minutes which were approved without change. ESCS statutes have been changed to allow for the existence of Subcommittees.

The Subcommittees are the working arms of the ESCS society and the head of each committee should submit a Report every six months to the Chairman (MM) pointing out the progress made in that period. This report is based on a brief plan of activity for the next 2 years (including milestones) submitted to the Chairman by xxxx.

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