SCS Members Bulletin Board


Author Number of Entries Subject
Roger Epton 1 9th International Symposium on SOLID PHASE SYNTHESIS,
Marie-Anne Huys 1 4th Symposium on Drug Discovery
Mark Bradley 1 5th International Residential School
Parallel and Combinatorial Chemistry:
Systhesis, Optimisation and Analysis
Beatrix Molnar 1 New Frontiers between Chemisty & Biology in Combinatorial Sciences
Edel O'Regan 1 Diversity-Oriented synthesis and natural product chemistry
Andrea Basso 1 2nd International Conference on Multi Component Reactions, Combinatorial and Related Chemistry.
Moren Meldal 1 EUROCOMBI2
Eugene Babaev 1 Heterocycles in organic and combinatorial chemistry
Warren Ford 1 Polymers and Organic Chemsitry 2002
Mark Bradley 1 Combinatorial Chemistry 2002
Lieven Meerpoel 1 Job Openings!
Morten Meldal 1 Excellent Working Tool
Webmaster 1 Request for material

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